The Department of Health has recommended all allied health practices have a COVID Safe plan. 


Growing Minds Speech Pathology has a COVID Safe Plan which you can ask to see.

Speech pathologists work with people who have difficulties with communication and/or swallowing. Speech pathology is an essential service. Because the mouth and throat are used for talking and swallowing, speech pathologists are at risk of catching COVID-19, which may cause infections to others. Speech pathologists must help to reduce the spread of the virus, even if infection rates are low.

Speech pathologists need to keep their clients and themselves safe. They need to think about many things when working during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

  • What are current guidelines from government and health care authorities?

  • Can a phone call or telehealth be used instead of a face to face appointment?

  • Does the speech pathologist or their client have COVID-19, symptoms of infection, or live in a high-risk area?

  • Does the client or speech pathologist have a higher risk of getting very sick if infected (e.g. have lung disease or a poor immune system?)

  • Will assessment/treatment involve activities that increase risk of transmission of the virus (e.g. close contact to your face or potential to cough)?

  • How many clients are seen in a day or places visited by the speech pathologist?

  • Can the speech pathologist and client stay the recommended distance away from each other, and how long will the appointment last?

  • Is the room well ventilated?

  • Can recommended protective equipment and disinfecting procedures be used?

Growing Minds Speech Pathology will consider many factors before making recommendations about the safest options for services for you.  This may include offering services via telehealth, seeing you face to face with appropriate physical distancing measures and PPE in place, or temporarily ceasing therapy. 


Current clients receive email updates and alerts about the use of physical distancing, PPE, and total numbers of attendees for any one session. 

Families attending face to face sessions are screened prior to entry and must adhere to the clinic's COVID Safety Plan for service to continue.  Sessions may be cancelled at the clinician's discretion if attendees are non-compliant.

Thank you for your support and commitment to reducing the spread of COVID-19.